Month: July 2016

Your Home Business Opportunity Checklist

A Home Business Opportunity is a great journey to embark on. While it can be a complicated task, having a handy checklist will help keep you on track. If you begin with a good working plan your Home Business Opportunity will get off the ground without a hitch.

The first step in starting a Home Business Opportunity is creating a business plan. It is essential that you have a plan to detail what you want the Home Business Opportunity to be and where you want it to go. Establish goals you intend to reach and when you want when you want to achieve them by. How much money do you have to invest in the Home Business Opportunity? What type of schedule will you be able to work i.e. how much time can you dedicate to your Home Business Opportunity every day? What is your launch date, don’t procrastinate? All … Read More

How to Create a Financial Report

Recorded on a special form every month, a financial report is basically a record of receipts and expenditures. When a financial report is created, total receipts are recorded and expenditures are itemized every month. As long as this is done, creating an annual report becomes easy as the fiscal year draws to a close. All businesses, regardless of where they are located prepare financial reports. For instance, you prepare financial report Singapore, US, etc. The primary purpose of creating a financial report is that it aids business owners in analyzing profit and loss and considered essential in obtaining finance.

Follow these steps to make a financial report:

1-     Monthly expenditures should be separated into categories such as utilities like electricity, garbage, water and telephone, vehicle expenses would include fuel expenditure, repairs and maintenance, depreciation and leases, labor expenses would include, salaries, wages and bonuses, office supplies, insurance and materials.

2-     … Read More

What is a Ppo?

The idea of a preferred provider organization is that the providers will provide the insured members of the group a substantial discount below their regularly-charged rates. This will be mutually beneficial in theory, as the insurer will be billed at a reduced rate when its insured utilize the services of the “preferred” provider and the provider will see an increase in its business as almost all insureds in the organization will use only providers who are members. Even the insured should benefit, as lower costs to the insurer should result in lower rates of increase in premiums. Preferred provider organizations themselves earn money by charging an access fee to the insurance company for the use of their network. They negotiate with providers to set fee schedules, and handle disputes between insurers and providers. PPOs can also contract with one another to strengthen their position in certain geographic areas without forming … Read More

Whats the Best Way to “Earn Money At Home”?

It is a very popular idea to be your own boss. You are afforded the flexibility to work your own hours and you are accountable only to yourself. However, being self employed is not easy. It takes time and dedication and a lot of discipline. Some people are not cut out for it. To earn money at home you need to find a career opportunity in which you are skilled and feel you can excel at.

Anything relating to cooking is a great way to earn money at home. If you are skilled with baking or cooking you could try packaging your goods and selling them from your home. You can use the Internet to market your wares as well as contacting local businesses and restaurants. Sending out samples of your product may entice others to purchase a bulk shipment. The cooking and preparation can all be accomplished from home. … Read More

Financial Calculator – Choose the Best

Let’s look at two of HP’s most reputable business and financial calculator that have done really well for a market segment that needs speedy answers to complex statistical data, mathematical and financial data. The two calculators that we are referring to are the HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator and the HO 17bII + Financial Business Calculator. Although the basics of these two upbeat calculators are almost similar, as they have been constructed to meet similar requirements, there seems to be a few differences. For instance the HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator is an advanced version of the HP 12c Financial Programmable Calculator. While the HP 17bII + Financial Business Calculator is a super version of the HP 10bII business calculator.

Let’s look at both these calculators and understand its unique features.

HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator

This version of the HP financial calculator is a collector’s edition as it is … Read More

Financial Calculator, Some of the HP’s best Financial and Business Calculators

If you are looking for a financial calculator that will fulfill all of your requirements be it complex mathematical, statistical, and even financial calculations then you need to check the HP calculator for all your business and financial needs. HP has been a pioneer not only in calculators but also in other technological products that are favored the world over.  These calculators are excellent not only for those in the finance industry but also business men who need to rely on calculation results that are quick and accurate. Let’s look at some of these top HP financial and business calculators that are on sale.

HP 20b Financial Calculator

This calculator is said to satisfy every businessman, student and financial professional’s requirements. Its unique and slim design and sleek glossy finish has also found favor with those who are looking for style along with extreme usability. The HP 20b business calculator … Read More

Tips on How to Save on Car Insurance

Money talks, they say. Maybe! For most of the time it’s true knowing that we are living in a material world. People do anything that they can to save money, because obviously, you cannot have it in just a snap of the finger.

For most people, car insurance is the single largest Insurance expense after health insurance. It seems that its rates are high and are forever climbing. So if you want to save money, here are some tips to lower your car insurance.

It pays to shop and compare. Regulatory changes at the state level may have encouraged new companies to jump into the market, thereby increasing competition and reducing rates per consumers.

Another way to reduce the rates is to increase your deductibles. A 200-dollar deductible sounds wise until you learn that the cost for having a deductible at this threshold can drive your rates through the roof. … Read More

SBA Loan Financing, The Major Benefits

For business owners considering SBA financing as a way to either purchase or refinance a commercial property for their business, there are many distinct benefits over comparable conventional bank financing with the SBA programs.    The main benefits of SBA financing include, higher loan to value, reliability of closing, and good loan programs.

SBA Loan Financing

90% financing via the SBA loan program is common on purchases whether via the SAB 7a program or the 504 program.  85% financing on refinances is common on the 7a program as well.  Comparable conventional loans are for the most part capped at 65 -70% of purchases and 55% – 60% on refinances. 

For most small businesses keeping as much cash in the business, and not tying it up in there building is critical.  Reserve are absolutely needed to help weather the ups and downs of day to day business.  Running out of cash is … Read More

Sell A Business

Are you planning to sell your business? Are you looking forward to the day when you can retire from your entrepreneurship? Or are you facing many problems in running business successfully? Selling your business will be one of the best options for you. Selling a business is not only to look for a buyer and sell it. You should know the complete procedure to sell a business legally to a buyer. If you are not aware about how to sell your business, there are number of online and offline sources available that will help you out thoroughly. You can simply read the books that provide the complete details about how to sell your business by following legal procedures.

There are number of documents that you should prepare before selling your business. You have to perform many steps like meeting a broker, preparing the documents, meeting buyers, show your business or … Read More

Financing An Import / Export Business

I think the best way to finance an import / export business is to establish a line of credit with your vendor / supplier. Once you have proof of concept by showing cashflow, it should be easier to either increase your credit line, pull in angel investors or get listed. You might want to consider the SGX or BSE, because you don’t need as high of a market cap to get listed in their dollars. Later when you get big, you can use the NASDAQ.

The main thing your vendor / supplier will want is to meet with you and determine if you are financially stable enough to open a credit line. If you don’t already have an existing company with a bunch of suits to impress them, try letting them pull your credit (if its 730+) and provide a personal financial statement to show that you aren’t going to … Read More