How to Start your Own Tattoo Business

When starting any business, it’s important to gain any required training and/or education. When starting a tattoo business in particular, there may be certain training, certification and other requirements that must be met prior to opening a studio. Because of the nature of business, you will need to know how to properly sterilize the equipment and educate customers on how to care for their new tattoo in order to prevent infection. The best way to learn about local license and/or industry requirements is to call the local business office and explain the type of business that you would like to open.

Once your training and any necessary licensing are both successfully completed, it will be time to apply for a business license. This piece of paper is very important and must be displayed in your tattoo studio each and every day. The best way to do this is to place your business certificate in a frame and display it on the wall.

Now that you have a business license and any other special licenses required by your local business department, it’s time to choose a location for your studio. Ideally, any place of business would be located in a high-traffic commercial area. The more people that pass by your business, the better likelihood that they will stop in. In addition, when you advertise your business or try and explain to someone where it is located, you don’t want to have a lot of difficult directions. Instead, a simple ‘in town’ or ‘on main street’ would be ideal.

When it comes to advertising your new tattoo business, start small and work your way up. Because your business is new, you are probably working with a limited budget. Don’t worry, most new businesses are. That’s why there are alternate forms of advertising that can help you to get the word out about your new venture without spending a fortune. First and foremost, purchase a large sign to display outside of your business. Make sure that your business name, grand opening date and any special price offerings are noted for every passerby to see. In addition, decorate any windows in your store with samples of your work recreated as clear window adhesives.

Rather than starting out with a large print advertising budget, try writing a press release and distributing it to local newspapers, magazines and/or radio stations. Place flyers throughout town as permitted and on the bulletin boards of local stores. If you can afford it, offer a tattoo giveaway and special grand opening prices during your first week of operation. You may also want to consider contacting local radio stations with your plan to host a tattoo giveaway. This approach requires that you allow the radio station to award the winner on air, which will result in even more publicity for your new business when the DJ mentions the contest sponsor.

As a final thought to starting your own tattoo business, make sure that you explain the importance of proper tattoo care …

Starting A Business With A Family Member

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Running a business requires time, effort and money. Having to manage it with a family member is much more difficult. Misunderstandings would come your way. Here are some tips on how to prevent arguments within the family concerning the business.

A business not succeeding brings so much pain and frustration to all the members of the family. In some cases, when a couple divorces, it becomes a start of a failing business which was once established and successful. Despite the many challenges, are there ways to keep the business in the family?

Build a strong relationship. Starting a business with any family member – a spouse, a sibling, a relative – requires a strong foundation. In order to build a strong family relationship, open communication plays a big role. This is especially true for couples since small problems can easily go out of hand without a strong foundation.

Are you in agreement about issues involved in the business? If not, have you taken the time to talk about those disagreements and come to a solution? What would be the exact responsibility of each family member in the business? These are important questions to consider before going into a business partnership.

Anticipate possible issues. In relation to have an open communication, anticipate possible conflicts that may be encountered along the way and talk about them. Know what each person has to say to deal with a given situation. Discuss issues especially when it comes to money matters.

Who will be in charge of the business money? How will it be spent? How will it be divided? Understanding your family’s perspective on certain issues will prevent possible misunderstandings in the future.

Nurture your personal bond. The importance of being a family should be given priority despite the demands of running the business. Managing a home based business may require a lot of your time and spending quality hours with your family can easily be taken for granted.

For instance, if you’re a couple, don’t overlook the importance of going on dates from time to time. And if you have children, don’t forget to spend quality time with your children as well. Remember, these particular moments should be spent without discussing business matters.

Define responsibilities. There can only be one boss so you have to set boundaries and decide who really makes the final decision when business is concern.

Division of labor should be well-managed to prevent problems. When a responsibility is already given, respect of that authority should be observed.

Define business and family boundaries. It may be a family business but never make the mistake of treating family and business matter as one. If there are problems in the business, make sure that these issues will not be brought inside your home.

Treat your spouse or your children as a family member, a loved one, not as a business partner or a co-worker. After business hours, do your duty as a wife or as a husband. …

Home Based Business Review , Is ACN a Scam

To scam is basically to defraud or swindle, usually with the purpose of making money

Using the above definition we will review ACN to determine if it is a scam or legitimate business proposition

Is ACN a Scam -A fraudulent Business Scheme ?
To fully address this we need to consider two key points. Firstly is ACN a legitimate Company and secondly is the ACN opportunity a legitimate business ? So lets take a look at the company.

ACN is a telecommunications business. ACN is an anacronym for American Communications Network. Founded in 1993 by 4 partners, ACNs goal is provide quality telephone and internet services at reduced rates

Currently operating in 19 countries ACN is one of the biggest telecommunications service suppliers on the globe. They have a global staff of over 1000 direct employees and have annual revenuesof over $500 million.

In its 15 year history the company has garnered a reputation as a stayer in a highly competitive marketplace and now has several services it offers to its customers including digital video phone, internet and in some countries other utilities

Is The ACN Opportunity a Scam ?
While there is no disputing the fact that ACN the company is not a scam, it is clearly a legitimate business, the question remains is the ACN opportunity a good proposition for the independent rep to make earn his fortune?

The ACN opportunity is a network marketing, telecommunications business. It operates utilising a traditional MLM system where sales reps can make money by developing personal customersand recruiting and trainingtheir own business team. We will discuss the pay plan in more detail shortly. First letssee what industry leaders have to say about the ACN opportunity.

Donald Trump recently endorsed ACN as a great company and real opportunity There is no disputing ACN is a solid, reputable company with a diverse, high demand product range that offers real benifit and value to consumers. More importantly, as a telecommunications business, ACN has a rapidly expanding and growing international market for their products and services meaning there is plenty of scope for new representatives to build a significant customer and representative gruop and make some real money.

ACN is a transparent company who offer total disclosure about all aspects of their operations. Customers are fully informed about service plans, fees and charges and have ready access to this information from several sources. Similarly, ACN opportunity business owners are given full details of how the business works with clearly documented information about all aspects of the business from start up costs to earning money. Detailed information and company training is offered about making moneyincluding how much you get paid, when you get paid and how to achieve bonuses.

So here is the deal, the ACN telecommunications business opportunity will cost you $499 to set yourself up to start earning money. ACN representatives can earn money in two ways. Firstly through monthly residual income based on their customers’ use of telephony services. This includes the ability …

California Global Warming Solutions Act (ab 32): an Introduction to Refrigerant Gas Management

How to stay ahead and address the early action requirements for Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management to be included in updates to AB 32.

The California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), first passed in 2006 with additional early actions taking effect in 2010, is a broad and comprehensive directive with the goal of reducing greenhouse gasses (GHGs) by approximately 25% by the year 2020. This objective of the early action stems from increases in carbon equivalent emissions in California since 1990. The intent of the legislation to reduce greenhouse gasses to their 1990 levels, thereby reversing 16 years of pollution in less than 14 years.

As part of the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) the Air Resources Board (ARB) has approved an early action measure to reduce high-global warming potential (GWP) greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions by establishing new legislation and defining requirements related to improved monitoring of AC/HVAC systems, enforcement of regulations, reporting of refrigerant usage, and recovery, recycling, or destruction of high-GWP refrigerant gases.

The greenhouse gasses (GHGs) as defined by the California’s AB 32 are identical to those gasses identified in the Kyoto Protocol. These gases are already being regulated, monitored, and managed by many other countries around the World. In addition to carbon dioxide (CO2), which is the most widely known GHG, the following gasses are also defined as GHGs with high global warming potential (GWP) carbon equivalent emissions by the AB 32 legislation:

* Methane (CH4): a byproduct of waste decomposition, and natural geological phenomena; the majority of methane is derived from natural gas drilling.

* Nitrous Oxide (N2O): a pollutant created by industrial processes, motor vehicle exhaust, and industrial air pollutants reacting with the atmosphere; like methane, nitrous oxide can also be a product of waste decomposition in nature and agriculture.

* Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6): a gas used for various electrical applications, including gas insulated switchgear. Sulfur Hexafluoride is also used for experimental applications.

* Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs): a collection of commonly used refrigerant and aerosol gasses with a wide variety of other commercial applications. CFCs and HCFCs are considered Ozone Depleting Substances (ODSs), as defined in title VI of the US Clean Air Act (Section 608).

The California EPA’s Air Resources Board (CARB) has developed a complex and highly detailed system of greenhouse gas management for refrigerant gasses, known as the Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management Program, and stricter standards for new or existing refrigeration systems installation and ongoing maintenance. According to CARB this strategy includes careful monitoring of potential refrigerant gas leaks, improved record keeping and certification of personnel as well as specifications for PFC and HCFC recovery equipment.

The proposed Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management Program, which integrates two AB 32 early action measures, addresses the detailed monitoring and management of the PFCs and HCFCs noted above and includes tracking requirements for new and existing commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. Likely to be implemented by January, 2010, is the monitoring and management of high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants in …

Black Business – The Black Owned Business

Starting a new business requires a proper strategy of effectively and efficiently using the resources. If a person wants to achieve more as a leader, as a team member, or as an individual, one of the most important things you can do is get more connected to the people whom you are working with. In this way the black entrepreneurs handle their resources in an efficient manner and achieve success in their black business.

The black entrepreneurs gather a lot of knowledge about the market through dedicated research in order to make their black business a success. It is in the hands of the black entrepreneurs to jump start their black business and gain popularity. A lot of dedicated research needs to be done before actually starting the black business. The black entrepreneurs have to be clear about the business basics and they have to confident of themselves.

One can find many black people in their business. They call it black business. The business owned by blacks is generally referred to as a black business. Blacks in business is a common sight across the world as the black have started gaining interest in doing their own businesses and thus becoming successful entrepreneurs.

The black entrepreneurs are very friendly and have a good knowledge of the market. They are dedicated towards their work and keep a regular check of their customers. Customer satisfaction is their main priority so they keep a regular contact with their customers and take feedbacks from them to know about their quality of work.

People across the town love to invest in the business and they enjoy their work with their friends. The black people are confident of the black business owned by black people. They have full faith on the people who are running the business. Initially there is risk in starting a new business but the black people are determined and strong-willed that they work hard and gain popularity by setting up their black business.

The black people who own the black business are very determined and conscious about their businesses. They have the strong will of putting their 100 percent effort in the business so that it nourishes well and thrives against all shortcomings. This way they grow their black business and gain popularity.

Experience matters a lot in the field of setting up your own business. Setting up the black business is the first initial task of the black people. They must choose the right location where they want to put up their organization. They must have adequate man-power to support their business. The working conditions and the infrastructure should be good and healthy so that the employees working at the company feel good about the company.

The black entrepreneurs work with complete dedication to take their black business to greater heights and gain popularity in the region thus making their family, friends as well as their employees proud of themselves and the black business they are associated with.…

Different Business IT services Los Angeles

However, there are different services they need to access like direct links to the server, storing information and ensuring all the paths are clear to make it easier to store and send data. With a fully fledge IT services Los Angeles and solutions, it becomes easier for the company to deal with these challenges and enjoy professionalized services. At times, the system does not work well, in terms of storing the data and this means that the company has to wait for the solutions to be resolved. With the activation of the business services, it becomes faster since the company offers first hand information to deal with problems occurring in the storage centers, and accessing. Some of the issues arise in the company level and include poor storage methods, slow computers, and virus attacks, which limit access to the data backup centers.

The IT services Los Angeles come in handy to help sort out issues as they arise and enable the company to continue with normal functioning. When the institution does not have professionals to resolve the matter on time, it means the entire company halts, and does not process information or serve clients since they have no means to access the details. This is the reason why each company needs to sure professionals who arrive on time, have the ability to sort the issues from remote locations and keep scanning their servers to prevent any forms of malicious damage that may occur to the system. These services are affordable and ensure to keep the company running at all times by addressing the situations as they arise. Some of the solutions provided include maintenance, and resolving a virus attack on the system.

These services include on-site support to make it easier for the institution to deal with issues, which arise in the local system. This involves clearing the attacks, computer repairs, and maintenance of the overall servers. There is unlimited remote access support issued to companies that have invested in the cloud data storage solutions. This allows them to access information when they need, send, and update it. When there are problems in this area, the hosting company offers the solutions as per the requests of the clients. Accessing these services is easy through unlimited emails, chat system, and telephone supports, and this makes it ideal to solve matters.

When a company does not attend to these issues on time, it becomes critical and poses more threats especially when dealing with data backup and the networking system. In order to resolve the matter on time, it is important for the company to have invested in advanced IT Support orange country, which makes it easier for the company to deal with matters as they arise and get the solutions on time.…

Start a Santa Letters Business

Why Start a Santa Letters Business

Is there a child that doesn’t love getting a letter from Santa? If you’re looking for a home business that will allow you to make extra cash at holiday time — and year round — playing Santa might be the perfect home business for you. It’s surprisingly easy to start a Santa letters business. If you have a computer and a printer, you’re well on your way to starting your own successful business mailing personalized letters from Santa to children.

What’s Involved in a Santa Letters Business?

It’s not difficult to run a successful home business writing letters to children from Santa. Here’s how it usually works.

– Create a web site for your business. It should include a simple form that parents can fill out to tell you about their children’s ages and interests. It should also have a shopping cart and a way to process payments.

– Place ads online and in local newspapers offering “Personalized Letters from Santa” and direct people to your web site.

– When the orders come in, write a personalized letter from Santa. You can write your own, or you can use one of many templates that are available online.

– Shortly before the holiday, send all of your letters in a bulk package to one of several places in the United States that have specialty Christmas postmarks. The most popular and best known of these is North Pole, Alaska, but there are other appropriately named cities and towns in the United States.

The post office will take care of the rest, as long as each individual envelope is stamped with the right postage.

The Easy Way to Start a Santa Letters Business

There are a number of companies on the Internet that offer startup kits and ebooks for a Santa letters business. The kits include sample letters from Santa that you can use as they are, or alter to personalize them even more. Many also include tips on advertising your business, and printable coloring and activity sheets that you can include with your letter to make them even more fun. A few even give you a stamped “postmark” that you can put on each envelope before mailing them out.

Because it is so easy to start, this is an ideal business for a work-at-home mom — and it’s easily expandable for year round income. While it might seem that this is a seasonal business, many people who write letters from Santa shift into other gears for other holidays. Once you’ve established a letter from Santa business, it’s fairly easy to shift your marketing to letters from the Easter Bunny or even a general Happy Birthday letter.

Working on your business vs working in your business

In Australia over 97% businesses are small to medium businesses. Roughly half go out of business in the first five years!

There is little reason to expect the world wide trends to be any different.

Its easy to start a business. All it takes is an idea, something to annoy you in your existing job, a market downturn, a moment of entrepreneurial valour, a touch of envy when you see someone making a killing at something.

Why dont most businesses make it?

One reason is that business owners lose sight of the importance of working ON your business and not in it.

Working on your business, means just that, spending time working on developing your staff, systems, business plan, budget, products, doing your own accounts, sorting out legal issues, vision casting, developing a marketing plan, and so on. It is strengthening the foundation upon which your business will sit.

Working in your business means doing work for your clients that generates income. It means attending to short term and urgent matters.

Its easy to talk about working on your business rather than in it. A lot easier than actually doing it!

Imagine you start a business as a lawyer, and you have experience. Since you know what you are doing, you can service clients and provide excellent services without much thought. Now imagine you are so busy you need to hire your first employee – a junior since that’s all you can afford. How do you ensure that the work they provide to your clients is up to your standard? What systems and procedures for work have you implemented? What about review procedures? It is at this point that many business owners, have an entrepreneurial seizure. They decide that every employee is an idiot, that they are the only person who knows how to do anything, and many decide to get small again, to have no more staff than required, and to do it all themselves.

That my friends, is what you call a job, and is very different from what I would call a business. After all, the risk of starting your own business is that you might find yourself working for an even bigger idiot than the one you thought you were working for before! and this time your stuck together!

When starting a business you should be honest with yourself about whether you are starting a business or simply starting a job where you are self employed but have no intention of building an organisation that will service customers and generate income primarily through employees and a system of doing business that you oversee.

The fact is that the fruits of business for people who have a self employed job are small. You will most likely find someone out there who also wants to buy a job if you want to sell, but the second you stop working you stop earning, and rather than increasing your freedom, you will probably end up increasing your working hours.

The …

How To Be A Business Success

Through observing business people who have been successful, and how they achieved their success, I have concluded that there are a number of factors that must be present for business success to occur. As I like to keep things simple, these success factors can be condensed into a formula. It is:

Success = Startup Business Person + Product/Service + Market

Let us look at this formula in a little more detail. Firstly, what is success? The definition of success depends on what you want to get out of the venture, that is, what your goals are. Business success usually means creating a viable entity (business) that returns its investment and earns a profit.

Appropriate and realistic goals include to be challenged, to achieve, and to build something good. For example, your definition of success could be to earn $100,000 a year from your home business so that you can replace your full time job income.

The most crucial element of the above formula is the “Startup Business Person”. This element decides all the others.

Ultimately, a successful startup business person is someone who opens, manages and runs a successful startup business and can repeat the process. This is someone who has accepted the responsibility and learned how the job is done.

Successful startup business people usually always start small and grow the business. They do not have too many irons in the fire at once so that their efforts are not diffused. They give it everything they have and believe that hard work counts. They try repeatedly until they achieve the success they are looking for. Moreover, most of all, they possess a positive mental attitude.

They have learned to emulate success. Do you know what emulate means? To emulate means to attempt to equal or surpass. In other words, if you were to attempt to emulate someone else’s success, you would imitate them and as you gained further knowledge and skill, you would attempt to do better than them. Remember that emulation takes things one step further than imitate.

The next part of the formula is “Product/Service”. Without something to sell, there can be no business. Generally, the product or service needs to be of a high quality. It also needs to be something that people are prepared to pay for.

The last component of the formula is “Market”. A successful business person knows who their market is and how to reach it in the most cost effective manner. The market is defined as the people who want and are prepared to pay for the product or service.

I would now like to run through with you what I consider are the basic principles of home, small or online business success.

Believe in Your Product or Service

First, you need to believe in your product or service. If you do not believe in it, you will have a great deal of difficulty selling your product or service to other people. You also need to have confidence in your ability …

For Corporate Tax Planning, Los Angeles Businesses Turn To A Professional Long Beach Cpa

In the early spring is when many California businesses start to look for a corporate tax planner.  Los Angeles companies will want to find an expert Long Beach CPA who is knowledgeable about all of the local, state and federal tax laws, and who is up-to-date with recent legislation concerning corporate taxes, in order to be able to take advantage of every applicable tax credit to which your corporation may be entitled this tax season.

Corporate Tax Planning—Los Angeles Enterprise Zones  

A Long Beach CPA can advise you about your location in an enterprise zone and how this can affect your corporate tax planning.  Los Angeles is home to some of the state’s forty-two enterprise zones, and if your company resides in one of these zones, it can have an impact on corporation tax planning.  Los Angeles enterprise zones have been developed in order to bring businesses to areas that are economically challenged, and thus to bring jobs to people living in these areas.  If your company hires employees who live in the enterprise zone and who qualify as one of several different people groups including qualifying disabled veterans and those on public assistance, then your company will earn a hiring tax credit, which will have a definite impact on your corporation tax planning.  Los Angeles businesses may earn up to $13,000 per employee annually who qualify  for this incentive, and a Long Beach CPA who is knowledgeable about these credits can advise you.

Corporation Tax Planning—Los Angeles Energy Tax Credits And Your Company

With the help of a top corporate tax planner, Los Angeles companies can take full advantage of energy tax credits that are available in the state of California.  If your corporation has made an investment in renewable energy technology, which could include the addition of wind generators, photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters or geothermal heat pumps, these would be eligible for energy tax credits, which will have a definite impact on your corporation tax planning.  Los Angeles businesses can also reap tax credits when their business vehicles are hybrids, running on electric and gasoline engines and using renewable fuel sources such as ethanol.  If you are located in an enterprise zone, your business may also be eligible for a sales and use credit of up to ten percent of the cost of water and air pollution equipment or manufacturing and processing equipment that is installed at your company, which you will want to add to your corporate tax planning.  Los Angeles corporations can save a great deal of money in these ways, while doing their part to preserve the environment.

For a great corporate tax planner, Los Angeles companies will want to turn to a Long Beach CPA with experience dealing with these types of tax credits, in order to receive the most help with your taxes this year.…