Financial Elder Abuse Charges Land Los Angeles Man in Jail

A former insurance agent from Los Angeles has been charged with financial elder abuse.  He was arrested and booked into jail on four felony counts of financial elder abuse.  The announcement of the arrest was made by the California Insurance Commissioner.  The defendant in this case is the nephew of the alleged victim.  Los Angeles financial elder abuse attorneys say that family members are often the perpetrators when the elderly are taken advantage of.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones stated that insurance agents that prey on the elderly are particularly loathsome.  He also stated that his office will continue to vigorously prosecute insurance agents who prey on vulnerable seniors.  Los Angeles financial elder abuse attorneys are glad that the California Insurance Commissioner decided to intervene in this case.

The defendant in this case was a licensed life insurance salesman.  In 2005, he sold a life insurance policy to his 78 year-old aunt.  In April of 2009, the victim received a letter from her insurance company notifying her that the mailing address for her policy had been changed to the defendants address.  The change of address was done without the victim’s knowledge or consent.  During the time period of April 2009 and April 2010, the defendant allegedly made four withdrawal requests to the life insurance company.  The defendant forged his aunt’s signature on the request forms.  All four checks were mailed to the defendant’s address.  He allegedly cashed two of the checks and deposited the other two into his personal accounts.  The victim allegedly lost more than $110,000 due to the actions of the defendant.  Los Angeles financial elder abuse attorneys remind the public that seniors are taken advantage of on a regular basis.

The financial elder abuse went unnoticed until March of 2012.  At that point, the victim contacted the insurance company regarding the status of her policy.  The defendant was able to hide his crimes by changing the address, phone number, and contact information from the victim’s to his own information.  If convicted, the defendant faces up to four years in state prison, fines and victim restitution. 

Evans Law Firm, Inc. handles elder abuse, financial elder abuse, physical elder abuse, annuity fraud, consumer fraud class actions, insurance and banking fraud cases.  If you think that you have witnessed or are the victim of elder abuse, or financial fraud then contact Evans Law Firm, Inc. at 415-441-8669 for a free and confidential consultation, or email us at…

Looking On The Bright Side of Instruments

Useful Things to Consider When You Need to Purchase a New Piano If you’re like a lot of other people, you probably get the urge to learn to play an instrument from time to time. There is nothing quite like being able to express your emotions with the help of an instrument. Most people who want to learn an instrument will choose the piano. Most music experts will tell you that the piano is something that can play well in many type of ensembles, and it can really help you express yourself. Anyone who wants to purchase a great piano will discover that the following advice will go a long way toward ensuring that you pick out the instrument that’s right for you. More than anything else, finding the right kind of piano will require you to be able to play a couple of them to see which ones you actually enjoy using. When it comes to how much you enjoy your instrument, the general playing experience is going to be the thing that really makes or breaks the instrument. With this in mind, you can start to understand why it’s a good idea to test out as many pianos as you can to see which ones are going to be the best possible option around. There is no question that the effort you can put into trying out all the pianos in the area will make it much more worth your while when you’ve been able to end up with the one that works well for your tastes.
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When you’re hoping to be able to find the right kind of piano, another factor that you’ll certainly need to keep in mind will be how much you can afford to spend. While it’s always a good idea to budget a fair amount of money for any kind of piano that you’ll be purchasing, the truth is that there are still a number of good methods of finding the kind of savings you need on all kinds of pianos. One of the most effective ways to find the right piano will to discuss your financial situation with some music store owners who could offer you discounts. Many people will also be able to find all kinds of great pianos to purchase when they look out for a few local sales.
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Any time you see a piano that plays beautifully and falls into your price range, you should make sure that you choose to purchase it. When you’re trying to make sure that you’re finding the right kind of enriching life, knowing that you’ll be able to play your piano at any time is going to be an incredibly empowering thing.…

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs provide a number of benefits that we all know: it relaxes, feels great after skiing and, on seldom cases, takes us back to the 80s for ensuing fun.

What you might not be aware of is that using a hot tub may provide many other benefits to your body and overall health. Here are some benefits of using hot tubs you might not know.

Improves sleep
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Sleep is vitally important for staying healthy. Are you aware that soaking in the hot tub may enhance sleep?
What Research About Reviews Can Teach You

Your regular sleep pattern may be disturbed when you are cold. When you are sufficiently warm, on the other hand, you’re likely to fall asleep faster and rest with little or no disruptions.

It’s common knowledge that having quality sleep provides lots of benefits to virtually everything–from how the body metabolizes food to your mood and your mental alertness.

To boost your chances of sleeping better at night, try soaking in your hot tub before going to bed.

Lowers stress

Prolonged stress may cause chronic ailments and disease. Don’t allow a string of awful days become a lifetime of sickness and pain. Beat the stress by soaking in your hot tub. The warm water, the feeling of lightness and the jets all work magically on your tense muscles to eliminate your stress.

Boosts circulation

Getting into your hot tub can help to slightly enhance your body temperature and heart rate, boosting circulation all over your body. Many folks suffer from poor blood circulation, so this could be a simple solution to boost your circulation if done regularly.

Eases chronic and arthritic pain

For those suffering from skeletal conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, as well as other forms of bodily aches and/or pains, spending time in their hot tub can bring some much-needed relief.

The tub’s jets create buoyant bubbles, which makes us feel weightless, increases our blood circulation with the heat, relaxes our tight muscles, and reduces inflammation in sensitive joints.

In this state, one’s aching body can experience enhanced strength and flexibility, as well as broader range of motion. Little wonder so many people experience significant hydrotherapy benefits when recuperating from knee, back, as well as other joint issues.

Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin

Soaking in the hot tub can have several positive effects on the skin.

As mentioned previously, soaking in the hot tub regularly can ease stress levels. Stress is one of the top causes of early aging, which means that your hot tub may help to fight premature aging.

Also, when you have enhanced circulation while in the hot tub, this means blood is delivering vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin more effectively, giving you a youthful, healthy glow.…

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Benefits of the CMMS Software

It is very important that you are going to ask for the decisions specially in the purchasing of the software called the cmms and also the different charges and changes the will took especially in your facility. Because of the big commitment in terms of finances will be conducted especially in acquiring CMMS software, it is important to try to fully understand the efficacy in order to be able to help a person to quantify how big is the return of investment on your part. The truth about this is that there are some type of the CMMS program that will be the cell city on any kind of organizations as far as the overall maintenance as well as the overall management of the system is far concerned.

What is good about the CMMS software is that they will be able to manage in the repair of all of the activities of the certain factory thru the help of the continuous asset maintenance , therefore ensuring a more longer span of life in terms of the machinery. In addition to this, there are things like the scheduling of the employer and the orders for work what are processed by the CMMS software. In addition, there are also more complex type of CMMS software that is engineered to be able to include some of the various cmms tool that will be able to help especially in the maintenance needs of the certain plant.

Taking this into the foundation the point, it will be easier to be able to understand the total benefit that surrounds the CMMS software. It will be the maintenance in terms of the prevention that will be the basic benefit of the software. It will be an asset and also the equipment which are very prone to the ineffectiveness and also the great breakdown if it is used for a long period of time. Even though the maintenance Department in the in any of the facilities can be able to fully undertake the necessary job in the repair, it is the task of the CMMS software to be able to supply the needs for that . The prevention maintenance of the CMMS tools are the one responsible for the monitoring of the overall equipment and they will help to alert the maintenance of the crew to alarm any of the abnormalities especially when it comes to the picking of the more level of the vibrations, odd sounds, and unusualities in the temperature which is high core, and many more. With all of this invaluable data, the said irregularities can be able to be corrected right before they can be able to cause any of the breakdown, therefore it really needs to have a repair, and then in the greater picture, the total replacement of the equipment being used.

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A Truely Personal Heater

Personalspace heaters have a tendency to not be so personal. They are often placed somewhere out of sight and have the tendency to be eye sores. Imagine if there was a personal heater you can curl up next too or rest your feet upon. Now that would be a personal heating experience. Vornado’s SoleAire Personal Space Heater and Foot Warmer is an extremely personal machine that will give you the warm fuzzy feeling inside and out.

The Vornado SoleAire

The Vordoa SoleAire is designed purely for your comfort. Its first function, is perhaps its most best function is its ability to be a foot warmer. Place your feel on the soft bumps and then correct your posture. This action provides a passive foot massage to help you relax. You will then notice that the 225 watt motor will begin to quickly provide 770 BTU’s of heat that will quickly expand over you entire body. Not only will you feel warm, but your body will breathe a sigh of relief as it quickly begins to relax and tension slips away. Best of all it does all this silently.

Designed to fit under you desk or by your chair the SoleAire is extremely space efficient and can work as a standard space heater or fan depending on what you need. The fan can cool effectively with its 3200 RPMs speed. There are plenty of included safety features to give you peace of mind. The SoleAire will shut it off incase of any kind of over heating thanks to the reset fuse, overheat protection and automatic shut-off feature. It also includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any unforeseen problems.

All in all, if you are looking for a great personal heater that you can really indulge yourself with, then there is nothing better then the Vornado SoleAire.…

Getting Creative With Internet Advice

Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting an Internet Service Provider It can be very disastrous when you are going to select the wrong ISP. To ensure that you won’t go wrong with your choice, you have to think of many factors such as the uptime, capacity, field response and equipment. When choosing an ISP, you must not just decide on price and familiarity. Because there are so many ISPs today, it can be tempting to simply go for the cheapest ISP or the quickest one. Such may save you some cash in the short-term but when you do this, you could end up getting more headaches and having lost productivity. Here are some things that you need to consider when you select an ISP. You have to look at the uptime commitments. You should know that of the promises made by the ISPs, none is surely worth anything when the ISP will not fulfill the uptime commitments. The circuits should work. If they won’t, then those organizations are going to depend on the backup service. You need to look for service legal agreements that offer real and measurable targets for uptime and not only ninety-nine percent operational guarantees. You must insist on the specific wording which governs what takes place if the service fails. The speed is another essential factor to take into account. Most of the customers would tend to rate an ISP just on the advertised downstream speeds. There can be many ISPs promoting 5 mbps or a lot faster service to the businesses, these claims must be tested. Marketing claims are at times excessive and there are many excuses. Prior to ordering, you need to ask from the other clients about what they have experienced so that you can have an idea about the ISP’s downstream speeds. You may also test all the new circuits’ speeds the day that they are being installed. Moreover, you can find ISPs with the fastest upload and download speeds tested by the users worldwide through using the speedtest.
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Also, make sure that you are able to get excellent customer or technical support. You should know that even the best connections would encounter problems and the chances are you will have a question or a problem that you must address. When things would go wrong, you must have a really accessible technical support. You need to choose an ISP that provides technical support which meets your requirements.
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You must know that price is also a factor but should be least considered when you decide for the ISP. The capacity, the service accessibility, uptime and field response are more important because of the internet circuits these days. If you are going to consider the price, you should compare apples to apples.…

Interesting Research on Services – Things You Probably Never Knew

What to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Company Are you looking to hit your business revenue goals? If this is the case, then it’s important to implement different online marketing strategies. Today, majority of people search for information, products or services they need on the internet. Moreover, before customers do business with your company, they are likely to research about it on the internet. This is why it is crucial to have a website. The website will act as your first point of contact with the prospective clients. For this reason, it is important to have a site that will make prospects want to buy your goods or services. If you do not have a website, you should get one designed as soon as possible. On the flip side, if you do not have a high converting website, getting it revamped is recommended. You should look for an experienced web design agency to come up with a high-converting website for your business. While you may be thinking of hiring an in-house designer, it will not make sense in the long run. What will be the designer doing after the website has been made? There are various reasons why it makes sense to hire a web development agency to create your website rather than doing the work on your own. One of the benefits of hiring an agency is that it will have a team of skilled professionals that will ensure your project turns out successful. Web developers, graphic designers, search engine optimization specialists and content writers are some of the team members you can expect a web development agency to have. It is difficult to find an individual proficient in all these skills.
A Quick Rundown of Experts
There are many web design companies you can hire to help you with web design or redesign. However, not all agencies will be right for your project. For this reason, it is important to carry out some research before hiring any web design agency. One of the ways in which you can determine the right agency to hire is by considering which one among the potential candidates is more likely to enable you achieve your sales or revenue goals. You can determine the right agency to hire by following the tip below.
A Brief Rundown of Experts
How Much Experience Does the Agency Have? Check the experience of the team members of the web design agency. In particular, find out what skills they have. The skills of the team will help you know whether it will be the right one to hire for your project. Some agencies only specialized in developing websites. However, there are others that can carry out a full online marketing strategy. It’s up to you to decide which agency to go with. You can know what to expect of the web design agency based on the work it has done in the past. Go through the portfolio of the agency to see some of its past works.…

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Guidelines to follow when carrying out international transportation To spread client base and excel in the business than your opponents, it is imperative to consider beginning operations in different nations and landmasses. Nonetheless, when you choose to work in another state, the essential concern turns into the safe and convenient shipment of the items. In order to minimize charges on the shipping and other inconveniences at the time of transportation, it is necessary to turn to expert international transportation organizations. There are various of them that give air and ship consignment packages for various sorts of customers at a sensible cost. Such a company can handle diverse cargo shipment including things like medicine, toys, machinery, and cars. However, when deciding on which shipping company to engage in doing the business, there are several factors to consider. This is due to the fact that there can be diverse charges to people basing on what they require and their situation. Some of the factors that determine the cost of international shipping are as follows. The mode of transportation. How you will so shipment on your products has a huge influence on the amount you will pay for the shipment. You can decide for instance to utilize a full container by yourself or share a container with another person. When you need to transport big volume of goods, in a scenario of relocating, you will be required to pay for whole containers. This will, in turn, cost you more unlike in a case where you would do container sharing service. Shipping rates also vary depending on the type of goods that require transportation. Fragile and delicate products needs special and careful packaging. This is to say that they will require you to pay more for their transportation abroad. The amounts are higher because of the additional insurance required for delicate merchandise. Goods that have large structures such as cars also demand higher shipping rates compared to household goods. The method of shipment is an element to look at. Consider the delivery on the land and not only the shipment on the waters. The door to door transport for your goods significantly affects the rates that you are going to be charged on the products. You can decide between two forms of transportation ways gauging on the depth of your pocket.
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International shipping destination is a factor to consider. This is subject to where your products are being transported. The last stop of the merchandise have an impact on the cost that you will be charged. You ought to consider the travel distance and potential difficulties when doing transportation of the goods internationally. This has a significant effect on the international shipping rates. Look for information before looking for transportation agencies to the destination of your goods.News For This Month: Services

What is a Health Medical Plan Deductible?

The most common services that this applies to are office visits, generic drugs and preventative care.

An Example of How the Annual Deductible Works:

If your annual deductible is $1,000, you would be responsible for paying for $1,000 worth of health care expenses (excluding co-pays as mentioned above) for the year. After you have paid that $1,000 the insurance company would contribute to your costs as outlined by your policy. With most PPO plans, this usually means that you will be responsible for a percentage of the fee negotiated by the insurance company with the service provider and the insurance company will pay the balance. Note that most policies include a capped annual out of pocket maximum.

There are two basic types of annual deductibles, individual and family. Individual deductibles apply separately to each covered person. With an individual deductible, each member must meet the annual deductible before the insurance company contributes to the costs of that individual.

Family deductibles apply to all covered members of a family. Depending on the guidelines, meeting the deductible can be shared by two or more family members.

This leads us to one of the most common family deductible formats, the two member max.

The Two Member Max Clause:

If you have a policy that covers more than one person, your policy may have a footnote on the annual deductible that says “2 member max”. This means that two of the people covered on the policy must each meet the deductible before the insurance company will help pay for your health care costs.

If just one person meets the deductible, the insurance company will contribute to that person’s health care costs. Note that this person’s future expenses do not count towards any other member’s deductible. The second person must meet their own deductible before the insurance company will contribute to their health care expenses.

If there are more than two people covered under the policy, once two of the members have reached the deductible, the insurance company will contribute to all members’ health care costs.

Don’t let your annual deductible take you by surprise. Know what it is and how it is structured.

Across the nation, employers are either spending a lot more to cover employees with health insurance or dropping that as a company benefit completely. According to the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, the average cost of providing employees with family coverage has reached a national average of $13,027. Yet, in more than half of the states (27, in fact), the average state-wide cost was even higher.

Between 2003 and 2009, the average cost of family health insurance policies rose by a whopping 45 percent in Pennsylvania and by 50 percent in Maryland. The worst hit was Louisiana with a 59-percent hike.

Almost a third of the people in the U.S. without health insurance work for companies with fewer than 100 employees, according to a March 2008 population survey. Another 2008 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that while large companies have continued …

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these Safety Issues Should Not be Taken Lightly

While business would wish to reduce the peripheral costs as much as possible, they might do so to their detriment. Such peripheral costs include establishment of safety measures to keep you and the employees safe. The safety issues have been underestimated by several firms. Taking adequate care of these safety concerns is line with creating a safe and comfortable working space.

Repetitive strain injury is one of the areas where business tends to ignore but costs them a lot. One of the things that cause repetitive strain injury is a task that has to be repeated or done for a lone time. It may develop where an employee works in an improper position or is overworked. RSI should be avoided at all costs since employee can develop conditions that make them loose productivity or lead to lawsuits. This type of case is classified as historical and can cost your firm a lot of money. Moving your employee from one role to another could be one way of reducing repetitive strain injury.

It is important that you never underestimate the safety concerns with regard to air conditioning and ventilation. While it becomes hard to keep the air unpolluted in industrial premises, you need to ensure the safety of the employee. Such a solution includes having the approved safety gas masks. Having the right ventilation systems is another option of creating a conducive climate. If not so, the employees are at risk of developing breathing system infections. If they file a workers compensation claim, you will have to pay. Otherwise, if they live in unhealthy environment, their productivity would shrink.

The third safety factor under consideration is hygiene. Imagine of the modern office layout. The office space is limited to several employees. The cubicles they use are adjacent to each other. There are clients who are incoming at every time. Other stakeholders will be checking in at different times. This shows you clearly how infections can spread fast and the cost it would have on your business. An employee might become infected and possibly exit your workforce. If the employee was pivotal for the running of your business, you could be facing stall. Practicing proper hygiene and sanitation may come at a cost. A solution could include having a cleaning company to do all such jobs. It is their duty and obligation to keep your working space clean the safe. You can, therefore, concentrate on your line of business.

Give your attention to establishing professional safety measures that can help you stay in a comfortable space. The results will be an amazing working space where all employees are safe.…